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WordCamp San Francisco Rocks!

Aug 14, 2011, Article by Ben W., Posted in: Sunday Gossip, WordPress

Joel and I were in San Francisco for the 2011 WordCamp and had an absolute blast! I am utterly amazed at the friendly and supportive nature of this community. I’ve been to a lot of conferences and this is one of the few where strangers approach other strangers to talk about WordPress and learn from each other.

We were here to show off the beta of WebPub and collect feedback from different groups of people to help plan for the next 90 days of development. We met with end users, developers, designers, and theme groups and the feedback we received was very positive and helpful. Plus we got to meet with so many awesome people,

I wanted to say thanks to Nacin for all the great info and contacts and Thad from Graph Paper Press for all the great input over the last year!

Big thanks to everyone who listened to us talk about WebPub and gave us feedback, beer, and ideas! Plus for all the great discussions over drinks! So huge thanks to Rich from Secret Stache, Dre from Sucuri, Josh from, Aaron Jorbin, Brian from StudioPress, Jeremy Tanner, Bill Erickson, Ben from InkBlought, Jon Brown, Chris from BinaryM, Aaron Campbell, Jackson Whelan, Drew and Andy from Theme Foundry, Angelica Farber, William Toll, Alex Wathen, Ryan of WP Candy, Ryan of Fusionized, Nathan Rice, and so many more (apologizes if I left off a name as my memory is shot after a full week of conferences)!

And thanks to Dallas, Jason, Mike, and DreamHost for an awesome Saturday night party! Great people and solid hosting!